NEW: Pranking Sign-Up Thread

We are changing the way we will handle pranking from now on, but first, pranking rules.

Here’s a list of rules for pranking:

[ol]- It must be light-hearted, fun, friendly. Simply encasing their home in water, cobble, obsidian, etc, is NOT fun for most.

  • You must mark your prank with signs at the prank area - saying you were the one to do the prank.
  • No fire, water, lava, or TNT can be used in a prank. These can easily grief the person’s base which is obviously against the rules
  • Do not destroy their base in any way. Do not kill animals or mobs of theirs either. Do not steal from them.
  • You can only prank 2 people a week at max.
  • If you prank with a nasty/malicious prank then you will simply be banned from pranking.[/ol]

Failure to follow the rules of pranking will result in your getting banned from pranking.


Down below if you wish to prank you must make a post including the following info: your username and then anyone you are good with pranking you specifically. If you want you can include other info like rooms-which you are people not to touch at all in pranks, or other info such as that. I will post an example down below.


Username: Froelich131 People who can prank me: Pun, SnIpEr, Silnius. Other: Please stay out of my furnace rooms, they're both marked.

I listed off Pun, SnIpEr, and Silnius as people that can prank me. That means no one on the server can prank me but those 3. That also means I cannot prank anyone on the server but those 3, as long as I am on their list. This way if someone is causing you issues you can easily block them out of pranking you yourself.

Does this make sense? If not please ask questions. It is a simple system but much different than what we had before.

We also have it this way because then pranking will stay more aligned with friends - meaning people will hopefully not misconstrue pranks as malicious or bad, and take them more jokingly if it is from a friend they know well. Also, will hopefully lead to better more creative pranks.

So if you want to prank, SnIpEr for example but you do not see your username on his list of people who can prank him, then you cannot prank him.
If someone has not signed-up then they cannot prank at all.

Here’s a copy + paste template of what to fill out:

Username: People who can prank me: Other info:

Username: Froelich131
People who can prank me: Pun, SukottoGoSen, Neu21, FF, Snowy, Silnius.
Other info: I am not looking to be pranked really, so if you do make it small-scale. Thanks

Username: shoosh
People who can prank me: Anyone. But leave me some time to do other stuff please. And AG, take a break. :slight_smile:
Other info: The village W of spawn (-16630/-2730) is off limits, and the obvious: don’t wash the redstone, molest the sheep, etc.

* A note to all who do the pranking: probably doesn’t hurt to vid cap it, lets everyone see with their own eyes that you took care not to cause damage and that it was fun not malicious.

Username: Monstarules
People who can prank me: Not Asianguy.
Other info: Don’t fuck with the redstone things please.

Username: chewybar7, Anonymous
People who can prank me: Everyone except AsianGuy. Try not to prank if you don’t know me well, but it’s okay if you do.
Places to prank: My Quartz House. Do not touch my underground storage room, however.

Username: SukottoGoSen (Scotty5000)
People who can prank me: Froelich131, PunchDance, Neu21, MonstaRules, Anonymous, Shell, SnowyOwl, FerrariFlunker
Other info: never mess with redstone, the farms, the horses, or the swine-resistant nether path. I don’t really plan to prank any of you except Pun, so the rest of you shouldn’t feel like a preemptive strike is necessary. Before you prank me, remember that fierce retribution will be coming… ;D

Username: Pun
People who can prank me: Anonymous Caprex Froe Ferrari Israellee Monsta Neu Shell Shoosh SnIpEr Snowy Sukotto Twoday
Other info: Machu Picchu is off limits, please stay away from any red stone or hidden rooms.
Keep the clean up for myself to a reasonable amount of time. Do not want to be at it for ever.

BE CREATIVE no half ass work.

Username: AtrainOG
People who can prank me: Two, Isra, Froe, FF, Scuby, Monsta, Shoosh, and Shell (Might be editted)
Other info: Don’t mess with the signs on the chests and don’t mess with my horse.

I edited my sign-up.
Basically allowing Atrain to prank and discouraging pranks from people who don’t know me well.

Username: TorchOF
People who can prank me: Everyone except Snowy cuz he’s a bully :’(
Other info: If you want to do a major prank it’s fine as long as you clean/fix whatever you did after after my reaction or whatever. Minor pranks (things that take less than 5-10 minutes to clean up) I can do/clean/fix myself. And just like everyone else just don’t mess with anything intricate/delicate like a redstone machine or something. I don’t have any yet, but I will be building some soon.


Hi, so i can’t prank you finally froe ? :frowning:

Username: Silnius
People who can prank me: Froe, Sniper, FF (and idk for other just ask me!)
Other info: Don’t touch my horses please ! (I mean you can prank where they are but don’t move them!) No huge pranks too !

I made an edit :slight_smile:

Shell did a great job getting me. if only she wasn’t homeless, i would be able to get her back but i will find a way. I will make a viDEO soon to show her work and my response :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

shell isnt homeless. she showed me her house when we had oldspawn before. i believe she still uses it. hopefully this helps.

Username: Brundir (Sysadmin_Scipio)
People who can prank me: Everyone
Other: Better be worth the fun, so wild goose chases, force me through a deathtrap for my horse etc