New member.

Hello everyone! I’m a new member here, can you please tell how things work here?

Welcome to

We have sections for AoS, minecraft, off-topic stuff.

We have an irc channel on quakenet: #aloha

Have fun but do not spam/hack/cheat/etc

Welcome to TheBlueBlur!

If you have any additional questions whatsoever, please feel free to PM me :slight_smile:

Hope to see you around,

aloha welcome 2 total anarchy

Hi Sanic.

How many accounts so far? 4?

  1. :stuck_out_tongue:
    i had to do this, since my account is screwed up and lags so much

one account is enough. please choose the one you’d like to keep. the others will be deactivated. i’m assuming sanic is your favorite?

Just kidding.
I’m not Sanic’s acc.
I have annother IP address.

Please do us all a huge favor and stop lying, it’ll get you nowhere. Pick one account and stay with it. You cannot be Sanic, TheBlueBlur, Greeninja and Charizard at the same time.

We can also deactivate all of your accounts if you’d like that. Your choice.

hoardin time

I share PC with Sanic because mine is broken. I made Charizard for alternative, since I forgot my pass. You can ban Charizard now. TheBlueBlur is now my friend, Khristik’s account. I give it to him.

Then why did you register yourself as in a different country?

Because I was born in Belarus, but I currently live in Russia.
8 years.

Really gotta stop dicking around sanic

Wait I’m Evading my ban MAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


Yep. He should.

You have a week to make up your mind about what account you want to keep.
sanic, Greninja, Charizard or TheBlueBlur.