New map repo coming soon!

Ok so i am making a much improved map repo for Ace of Spades with much many maps.
So you know this is not anything like the design IM PLANNING.
Here are some pics:

The next picture underneath is at 80% zoom so it wont look like the finished product but basically its 2 picture next to the side of each other with a download button going to download directly to the map.

I can help if you want. I am a wizard with CSS. Not really JavaScript of PHP though.

At the moment could you just edit the homepage with it:
If you check you PM’s there is the download link to the website


Took a look at your code, and it honestly looks like the spaghetti I had for dinner last night.

Did you just start coding yesterday?

EDIT: I did some touching up on the style of the site, I can change it if you like, but I think this is cooler:

I can help you with CSS to if you want. I have Dreamweaver CS4.

Just remember trooper, run your code through me or it may not work properly.

Are you trying to compete? It’s on!