New map for CTF

A while back I used to play on the LDR servers and my favorite map was Firestorm. I am asking if you guys could put it on CTF? Here is a picture of it. and files.


The mountains are why I love it. It is truly great for sniping, waiting for the right moment and not shooting until their all still.

YES,this was also one of my favorite maps back in .70. It’s an amazing map it should definitely go up on the server rotation.

EDIT: I think this map should go on a more populated server,like TDM.

I disagree, this map was made for CTF, It could be on both though.


I like it :3

Just hate maps with mountains or steepness. Everything should be flat like Pinpoint
Found you dosss

By looking at that pic I see that with alil changes it could be used as infiltration map. Just sayin plz no hate, I dont even like infiltration.
I would love to play on it for ctf or tow, so sad that those servers are usually empty nowadays.

Yes, I do agree with you.

No one ever plays the old CTF maps with the really nice maps made by map makers who invested a lot of time in making them as good as possible. It’s real sad.

Wow… brings back memories of campers

nice map. added to rotation on the CTF server. thanks!

If it took 3 months to put in on the CTF server, it must be good!

Just saying on GH3 this map was on TDM