New kind of hack

There was a hacker on CS today.

He was destroying our team. Never missing always knowing where we were. But when I went to check his ratio. It said it was negative. I kept thinking that can’t be right.

Is it possible that the hacker was able to mess with his ratio? At first I didn’t think it was, but is there any chance this is possible?

You couldn’t be bothered to take a screenshot of a negative ratio?

Oh sorry, by negative I meant it was bad ratio (0.67).

We would need to know his K/D/R. This would help us figure out if he just sat on the server dying then used his hacks later on so as to disguise it.

I have seen many such people do this.

Sit on the server for 30 minutes just dying then bust out the aimbot and still be negative on the ratio while filing the feed with kills.



sit there raping the other team
before the round starts spam /kill or some crap

ei8htx, lol, I’m not sure if your joking or if you just don’t know but going negative on a KDR means that you are below 1.0 (which is kills and deaths balanced.)

Using negative in this slang way in no way means actually going into the -1’s.

No I’m not joking.

Is a lack of math skills a joke? If the slang is “going negative” then it was coined by a moron. Your score would be a potentially negative number, subtracting deaths from kills.

By it’s very wording, KDR, Kill Death Ratio, means one’s kills divided by deaths. It’s a fraction, that’s what “ratio” means.

Sorry if I’m being uptight, but as someone who’s studied a little bit of math, it’s this kinda crap that causes me to lose faith in humanity, the voters, and public schools.

I agree with ei8thx. Negative ratio = Impossibility. It would be impossible even with 0 kills and “x” number of deaths. It would be lowest at 0. Ratio can go below 1, but never a negative.

They use the slang implying that they are getting more deaths than kills therefore they are subtracting rather than adding to their total ratio. Hence the term “going negative”

I have done some math myself and I understand completely what your saying, but just because players on fps games coin it “going negative” doesn’t mean that society is going to shit, they are just to lazy to say “man I’m getting way more deaths than kills” they would rather say “man I’m going negative.”

He didn’t say he was “going negative”, he said it was negative.

He doesn’t know the difference. Public school failed him and he’ll probably vote for the clown in the next election.

Going negative as in their contribution to the team is negative because they die more than they kill.

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OVERDEATH. Now close this thread.

Maybe it was a hyperbole (not a hyperbola)?