New idea!

Hey izzy you should make a admin list under the servers names like this
r1ctf 24/7 hallway
32 slots|US West|status
Admins on : Satou, A Virus, Reki
or when no admins are on
r1ctf 24/7 hallway
32 slots|US West|status
Admins on : none

It would be easier for other admin/mod/guard to know which server is weak

I agree, but I am never going on pinpoint ever again because of the griefers. I am sick and tired of them and there was three on blue yesterday, one switching teams.

i think that would be very hard to do

That sounds like a great idea! But I’m not sure how easy or hard that would be. :-\

Did you try to contact a admin? or better yet, go to #aloha on the irc channel??? there you can always find at least 1.

He tried to contact me But I was not on.Sorry for that.

He was logged on, but it’s all right. I will not go to pinpoint unless an admin is there or if I ever become one.

Well yeah, maybe some better tech guys can do it

Well if I knew how the website received server statuses I could probably work something out.

Izzy can’t really do this, within the playing page atleast. Unless Ben modifies the Play page to do so, it is impossible.

Though, maybe if you want, you might want to ask mat about adding a welcome line showing the admin list. That might not be a bad idea.


Currently that’s not an option for us, on the play page at least. You could do it with pyspades, but on aloha, admins are encouraged to keep themselves from public view when on a server, this would only draw attention.

it’s possible but i’m not going to do it because that kind of public information will be abused by cheaters and griefers to avoid getting caught by admins. there are already ways for admins to figure out if other admins are in the game anyway. i suppose some kind of admin-only /whologgedin command to show who’s currently logged into a server could be quite useful though.

For the sake of safety it’s better to say there are always admins online. Because, there is. ← see what I did there?

oh snap

Ok then