New Gamemode idea?

Hi there now i was thinking of a gamemode where there two teams on a small map (not two small) like top 10 but no guns no blocks or grenades just spades so everyone must use a spades. Its more of a melee game mode so i hope you consider this to add in aloha servers.
Thx for reading

(bold is main part)

this would be alotta fun

I think someone was experimenting with that idea, look around for dany0 and ask him about a spades-only map.

I would want a grenade and spade if were doing that.

There was a spade mode yesterday…

spade only servers…
the player with less lag wins.

Pretty much :3

Testdrive was running spades-and-grenades only.

There was a fun Spade only server, I forget it’s name. I had it in my Spadille favorites :slight_smile: