New Gamemode Command and Conquer (CaC) (Idea) Modified

Ok guys this is the modified version of the last New Gamemode (Idea). I was thinking about how we can get more people playing TOW and Four teams because these two servers are lacking players.

My vision is to Combine both four teams and Tow together and create a gamemode I would like to call CaC.(Command and Conquer)
The game will be played with 3-4 teams and it has to be more then two. 4teams is most reasonable because you can divide the teams evenly 8 players a team but if there are three teams then 10 players a team then remainder of two players which will have to be removed inside the config.txt .Teams:red, blue, green and yellow. The map will have to be big enough to fit like 10-20 tow defense points (meaning GUYS THIS IS NO LONGER SIMPLE ACE OF SPADES THIS IS WAR)

     The object of this game is to capture all of the territory and make your team victorious. Each territory has to have some sort of shelter, whether its a command center or a tower bunker defense,Bridges, crashed airplane sites whatever tickles your pickle.

Territories does not have to be controlled in order meaning you can capture territory on one side of the map or sneak across the map and start to flank capturing territory behind your enemies. To Increase effort in this game when a Team captures a territory there should be an announcement saying something like Green team has captured Command post A thus allowing players to really feel the game. This is more then just your average running and gunning fps gamemode this will be a good gamemode for clans especially for tactics and to show every class ability to work as a team. You can also play as a loaner but it will definitely
be alot harder to play without friends to communicate with.


Needed Scripts:
squads (so you and your buddies can team up)
Suggestions of scripts and maps are welcome please comment away

comeon guys comment please this is an awesome idea :’(


Me too, TOW is fun, and I hate all these little skirmish gamemodes :smiley:
I’m at home on the battlefield.

btw it wont be tow it has to be TC territory control which tow is just an essential to tc but its the samething but tow is in order tc is any order

I want minor perks for holding a capture point though. Structures there isn’t enough. It will easily be griefed and there will be nothing left. Then this might also turn into zombies situation where people don’t give a shit about the objective since there won’t be any rewards.

Yeh I was thinking about that as well but I think the best option would be to turn building off. Building would not be the point of this gamemode it would be to capture the territories. The map will already have everything you need to take cover on this statement is not 100% so it could be different. but i think it would be best this way to avoid griefers all together and to keep the game about controlling territory

I think turning the building off is a good idea also.

I really need to get the script for four teams so if you guys have it and can put the link up please put it up so i can get this gamemode started but I need that script also ty for the support everyone and please make more suggestions twrods what scripts we need and maps and also extra ideas for the gamemode itself

Have you asked on the buildandshoot forum?

Well, I happen to have an ammokit script that is almost complete. I’m still working out the bugs.

I have the four teams script so I will start wworking on the gamemode but right now i have to study for my exam

i think that it would be nice to have no grief till like an average of 5 kills depending on how long you been on how many kills you currently have and your team score(mean higher score means higher kills)

Guys Im having alot of trouble with the four teams script I put the script in the folder then went into the config.txt and put fourteam in the scripts row and i put the extra two teams red and yellow in the teams section [shadow=red,left]is there anything else i am missing?[/shadow] :’( Everything else is in order for this gamemode but im having some trouble actually getting the fourteams script to work properly

                         [b]ANY HELP WILL BE ACCEPTED[/b]

Hey also I have no idea what your ammokit script is about so if you tell me about it it maybe put in the scripts ammokit sounds cool lol

I also figured out just now when taking a look at alohas four team quadpoint server the name of the gamemode is 4team…so i got to change it to 4team but then it wont be TC anymore so I think i will have to combine the two scripts to make it one new gamemode but i have no knowledge of script making so if anyone knows anyone that will help that can help or might help please put their names here or just bump them to this forum page


    Hello players and Aloha team I have been told by like 3 people so far that my last forum post was not descriptive enough and they did not understand what i was trying to do with the new gamemode. 

I’m trying to make it so you guys can understand me so I can inform you on whats going on in my head and i thank you all for you input.

Take a brief moment to view these maps(before i start to explain this gamemode:

As you can see in the maps above there are golden oval shape points are called Nodes Which on Ace of Spades it would be called a Health tent for Tow or TC(tug of war or Territorial control). Each territory you capture is added to your teams overall score. I think I will make it so that if you lose a territory you lose a point from your total score. Kills will be added your kill count and not your teams total points(to keep the game about capturing territory and not kills). If you die there will be a 7-10 second respawn delay, 12kills will give you an airstrike(so kills do matter in a way).Also building will be turned off to avoid griefing and ruining the gamemode.

Take a moment to look at the second picture. Notice that blue and red has their own spawn that is also a territory meaning it can be captured. Now when using the four teams script there will be blue,yellow,red and green spawn with territory that can be captured. if a team loses all of there territories and everyone dies on their team without capturing territory they get eliminated because they cant respawn. Then the players from the eliminated team will be able to join another team or will be moved to spectator im not sure about this yet, yes still a work in progress. Now besides blue, yellow, green and red teams spawn the rest of the territories will be neutral at the beginning of the game they are up for up for grabs meaning it is your job to command your team and work as a team to conquer the battlefield. :slight_smile: Each territory as you can see on the map will have its own structure to capture and defend so its not just an open field you are battling for.

This explanation is not finished will be modified later but its late im hungry and im tired

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