NEW GAMEMODE- Build Battle!

[shadow=black,left]BUILD BATTLE[/shadow]
This brand new ctf gamemode is now available on! ← click here to play!

[b]- All players get a 20x20x20 area to create their own personalized, spawnable build!

  • Your build area is off limits to all other players. You will have unlimited blocks to make your own creation!
  • Type /create to teleport to your build area, type /save to save your creation, and type /build to build your saved creation!
  • You can unlock /build by getting a 5 killstreak or by capturing the intel once![/b]

Here is an example of a structure that was built and spawned-
Structure created in build area:

Structure spawned into battle:

Build a sniper tower, build pixel art, or simply build a giant cube. The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!


giant penises coming to a server near you

First i did a black wall on /create, then i farmed 5 kills with a friend, last i blocked the opened area of create place in A8, B8 etc… now people will build on dark. lol

question: the building is saved to the nickname? if yes, it does not will create a Fake problem? maybe some guy see my awesome build and is too lazy to re-create same on they /create, then he just wait i disconect and re-join with my nick…

That’s a great question! Your build area is actually assigned based on your player ID #. Also, if you disconnect, your build area is cleared in preparation for the next player who joins with that ID.

Build a sniper tower, build pixel art, or simply build a giant cube. The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!

Actually, the possibilities aren’t endless. There are 64 distinct colored blocks to choose from in AoS, plus one extra, since we can choose no block (or “air block” if you like). The size of the build area is 20x20x20=8000 blocks. So we can calculate the number of combinations of 65 (n) blocks chosen 8000 (r) times, with repetition allowed (since we can choose the same block any number of times). This calculator… Combination with repetition Calculator - High accuracy calculation …gives 6.4114548688375E+160 combinations with repetition.

An easier way to say this number is:

sixty-four duoquinquagintillion one hundred fourteen unquinquagintillion five hundred forty-eight quinquagintillion six hundred eighty-eight novemquadragintillion three hundred seventy-five octoquadragintillion

I just gave this a try but noticed some unfortunate little bugs that currently break the gameplay. It looks like the build cells are generated into the map in the top left corner and the blocks are non-destroyable to protect the builders while they make their creations. There are two issues with this:

  1. The intel can spawn into one of the build cells on some maps. The opposing team cannot dig through the cell to get to it, thus making the game unwinnable for that team. I saw this happen on the first map I tried.

  2. On some maps, the outer tiles give damage to discourage players from flanking too wide. The build cells are in the top left corner, so on some maps you recieve damage inside the build cells and quickly die before you can build anything. It would seem that this type of damage doesn’t care about your height in the tile, so you don’t only recieve damage in the water, but at any height in that tile.

It’s a really interesting game mode so I look forward to playing it with people in the near future! :smiley:

Let me know if I can help with the bug fixes.


I’ll look into these, thank you!

No worries dude ;D

Cool! I’ll try it tomorrow.
I had a similar idea for Babel, but it is very difficult to balance.

There is a problem with the orientation of the building in space. It would be convenient for her to always be built in the direction of the character’s gaze.