New game mode: FFAX

Expect some things to change!

There are two teams, Red and Blue.
Blue team is broken up into squads of 4 players each. It’s automatically assigned, but you can also use /squad like normal.
Red team is made up of solo players

The gamemode is Free for All and OneCTF based.
That means:

  • You can kill anyone without breaking any rules.
  • There is only one intel for both teams, anyone (red or blue) can pick it up. Just like on Pinpoint.
  • There is also only one tent, in the center of the map, that both teams can use

The point of the game is twofold:
Blues want to pick up and hold intel, but they cannot cap it.
Reds want to capture intel.

Holding intel while on either team gives you these powers:
200 extra HP - You take 1/3 the damage you normally do
Rapid fire - You shoot bullets faster
Health Regeneration - 1 % hp per second
Ammo Regeneration - when not shooting, your gun slowly regenerates stock ammo
Vampirism - You get healed 1/2 the amount of damage you do (a rifle headshot will heal you 50%

Being in a squad with someone else who is holding intel gives you these powers:
100 extra HP
Rapid fire
Health Regen
Vampirism - You get healed 1/4 the amount of damage you do (a rifle headshot will heal you 50%

Not quite as good, but still pretty impressive.

As a red, you can capture intel.
This lets you keep the powers mentioned above even while not holding intel.
Dying while you have powers will remove one random power.
More importantly, capturing intel as red triggers a nuclear explosion.
Every player caught outside during the fallout is hurt 15 hp per second, so they better keep their heads covered and their eyes open!
Fallout lasts for about 30 seconds, and kills that occur from the fallout are awarded to the capturer.

Team Killing:
Reds have no punishment for teamkilling. Everyone red or blue is free to kill for them.
Blues can kill teammates, but they are instantly switched to the red team for doing so. You can also instantly switch to red manually without dying.
Work together with your blue teammates or join solo Red team! Plan carefully and you can take advantage of this!
Blues will not turn red if the teammate they kill has recently hurt his teammate.
To go back to Blue from Red, you either need to capture intel, or kill twice as many reds as the number of blues you have killed (the game keeps you updated).

But there’s one big thing:
The Safe Zone

The safe zone is an area in the middle of the map covering four grid squares. Blues spawn inside the safe zone, Reds spawn outside of it.
Blues inside the safe zone are safe. They cannot hurt other blues or be hurt by other blues while inside it.
They can hurt Reds, but firing your weapon makes you vulnerable to red attacks within the safe zone.
Intel Carriers can both hurt and be hurt no matter what inside the safe zone.

The safe zone also contains teleporters:
Jump in one to teleport to the outside world. Don’t worry about fall damage!
The center teleport will either teleport you to a squadmate or to a random destination, depending on your team and if anyone is in your squad.

Intel carriers cannot teleport, they will just get warped to the roof of the one they jumped in.

Here’s a map of where intel respawns when it is capped:

Places marked without buildings are underground bases! Explore!

All this is a lot less complicated than it sounds.
Just get intel and trust no one and you get the gist of it.

PLAYABLE @ aos://1379434439:38887

tons of fun for me, i really enjoy playing it. my favorite mode now!

I enjoy it, but is there anyway the guy with the intel can get more ammo without capping? that would be very helpfull for those rambo guys,

EDIT: You added ammo regen.

tl;dr: it’s pree siq

The more variety the better. Gonna try it. Sounds great and thanks Danke.

You add another random portal in the A8 pit, and something in the collom maze.


Lovin this script… Made 2 people rage quit cus they thought I was hacking… :smiley: Intel is awesome!

I.E a random portal, a road through it,

Not trusting anyone is something I can do :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds pretty cool 8)

I’m liking this game mode quite a lot but it would be better to have some different varity of maps as some of them i don’t like. I’m making a map now for this gamemode.

i really enjoy this game mode. ;D
it’s realy fun.
some people camp on the tower on the blue spawn you cant even kill them because of the spawn protection.

I LOVE THIS GAMEMODE! It is the most fun I have had in a while! Thanks so much for making it! :smiley:

They lose their protection when they fire their guns. It comes back up after a bit (something like 15 seconds)

I’m glad you guys like it, it was a lot of fun (and work) to make

Danke: I’m thinking of making a map for the gamemode?
What map meta scripts do i need and etc?

name = 'FFAX'
version = '1.0'
author = 'Danke'
description = 'A map for a gamemode idk why are you reading this'
extensions = {
    'ffax_intels' : [(66, 41, 39),(111, 113, 49),(211, 35, 58),(247, 70, 52),(317, 87, 0),(445, 65, 49),(458, 178, 59),(488, 213, 59),(441, 240, 0),(505, 408, 59),(480, 486, 59),(403, 409, 49),(278, 464, 58),(201, 461, 0),(139, 482, 58),(46, 464, 58),(72, 347, 58),(58, 266, 0),(20, 142, 39),(15, 30, 59),(67, 43, 59)],
    'ffax_lavapools' : [(228,25,295,88,(247, 70, 50))],
    'ffax_safezone' : (190, 190, 322, 322),
    'ffax_squadwarp' : (190, 190, 322, 322),
    'ffax_bluespawn' : (212, 212, 300, 300),
    'ffax_teles' : [(112, 44, 241, 209),(369, 74, 271, 209),(418, 312, 271, 242),(310, 411, 271, 272),(118, 440, 241, 272),(50, 213, 241, 242)],
    'ffax_fog' : (128, 232, 255),
    'ffax_nukefog' : (255, 200, 0)

ffax_intels are (x,y,z) for where intel can spawn.
ffax_lavapools go (x1,y1,x2,y2,(a,b,c)). xy determines what water is lava, abc is the xyz where intel will respawn if it falls in lava.
ffax_safezone is (x1, y1, x2, y2).
ffax_squadwarp is the area of the random/squad teleporter (center of map in orginal ffax map) - Other teles will be checked first, so don’t worry about overlaps.
ffax_bluespawn is where blue team spawns
ffax_teles is (x1,y1,x2,y2). the area four (maybe five?) blocks in each direction from x,y is protected, and touching water in that area will teleport you to the topmost block at the other x,y.
ffax_fog is your default fog color
ffax_nukefog is the fog color during fallout

green spawn is picked randomly across the entire map and made sure that safezone isn’t included. ie: don’t make safezone too big.

Thanks Danke. Hoping to make a map and see if it can be hosted on FFAX.
Also can i have a copy of the game mode script, so i can run it on my server?