New form for kick?

What is Invalid position data received? Is a hack?

There are players that has been kicked by this, and I dont know what is this reason

My guess, is that, the Auto-Kick system scans your files, and if it finds modified ones, it kicks you.

Is that the message that pops up when kicked or is it in game message?

Its the message when anyone is kicked

This happens when a quy r on a location, then suddenly teleport to another one.
Like: He was on B5, then sudennly teleported to D4.
They players use the Cheat Enqine to make this teleports
So the server auto kick him
I hope that explained

I’ve had this happened to me even though. My guess it’s some sort of address glitch in the server.

It doesn’t give you a reason if you’re using classic client, it’s an in-game message. I think this happened to me while playing OpenSpades too, and OS gives you the reason and some more information (sorry I haven’t screenshot it before)

I have received this error several times. Servers cannot customize kick messages. It just sends an code number to the client. It it were customizable, votekick reasons on kick would be a thing by now. This is a problem with Ace of Spades, probably something undocumented ( doesn’t mention anything about it.)

This is most likely the server receiving coordinates or invalid/bad data from the player that it can’t process so it “kicks” them in order to not have a conflict caused. This error is usually related to movement.

Just to clear things up, since there’s obviously quite a bit of different answers… That specific kick message is a script in place to prevent a glitch that crashes the server. If you aren’t doing anything wrong, you won’t have to worry about it!

If you aren't doing anything wrong, you won't have to worry about it!

xD I asked because a friend was kicked by this
And i dont know what is this

Now i know
thanks for your answers

Very typical of FerrariFlusher to tell us to not be inquisitive or concerning, as asking questions is a sure sign that you are breaking the law.

:-\ Perhaps I was hinting that I wasn’t going to expand beyond what I said, since we don’t want that information to reach certain players…

Its not new, its old, very old. It happends rarely and I don’t think people do it on purpose but the kick is in place to prevent server from crashing.
I don’t even know what triggers it. Must be something related to movement ya

Reason: Asking too many questions.


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“Lessons of the life”.
xD Thanks to all for the answers