New command /ignore

This is something that I have been wishing existed for a long time but my memory of it has not been reappeared until recently. I think a command that can block a player’s chat/PMs from appearing on your screen. Say, somebody is being annoying or talking shit to you, or spamming you with PMs (which as far as I know doesn’t have any sort of spam protection,) just type “/ignore player” and all is good.
Overall, I think this would just add to the enjoyability factor on aloha servers.

hello startingmsdos,
this is a great idea thanks you for sharing this, many players on the game for some reason swear a lot and are offensive and mean to other players, this idea maybe won’t stop those mean players but it is good for the other players when they can ignore others,
thanks for sharing

True, how would we do to make this idea heard? Really, who would not like to ignore a player who annoys a lot, if there must be a script designed for that, it is possible.

This is a great idea, except that in its implementation you would have to make sure it could not become aware of its implementation. I heard Microsoft was careless and woke theirs up when they were implementing their Artificial Implement and it turned into a Nazi-Loving monster so they had to shut it down and I don’t think you want to shut down this new implementation when you just turned the computer on and you only have a 5400 rpm spindle hard drive. I think the safest way to proceed without starting Civil War III: Revenge of the Fifth Command is to /ignore the implement as you implement /ignore. This should safely isolate it from your control so that you are not responsible.

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It requires some footwork I know, but we could probably utilize a high-tech text-to-speech program and an audio transducer to vibrate one of those POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS tapes you see at crime scenes in the movies so that it will vibrate the air and make this idea heard. And I must disagree with you on the second part. It is either impossible for a script to be designed for that or for me to like ignoring a player who annoys an undefined amount that you just referred to as “a lot”. I will get back to you as soon as I figure out which one is the truth.

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