New Bridge Map Idea!

I wanted to share my bridge map idea! The map would be ctf, and it would be called “Bridge Maps” unless you wanted to change it. Anyways, the server would have 4 maps: AnticBridge, BridgeWars, Realistic Bridge, and Tight Rope. I hope you approve of this idea, becuase I think it would be great! :slight_smile:

How much does a new server cost?

I say we just add Bridge Wars to ctf or something, no?

server, not map. and now you are just stealing my island idea -.-"

That sounds like a great idea :slight_smile:

Well if you want a server hosting it you can get one from many VPS places, or see if a server will add it, to its map rotation.

DUHsoALEX I’m not stealing your idea… It isn’t an ISLAND server idea, right? -_-

i mean you are stealing my idea of running a ‘theme’ server for a specific type of map

we’re kind of at capacity until we get more ram, but it’s still a possibility. thanks for the suggestion! i think it would be a fun server.