New Babel fireworks and glitch crash fix

Danko added celebratory tower-destroying fireworks to the Tower of Babel game mode that explode at the end of the round:

play @ aos://1379434439:34887:0.75

he also fixed a glitch that would occasionally crash Voxlap clients, which has already been patched to all servers.


Wow, nice.

This can be a lag-fest if you have a bad PC and get close to the tower in OS

Agh i hate getting reminded there is a graphically superior version of ace of spades I can’t play.

I’m in that video… :o Good job Danko, nice video izzy :slight_smile:

Wow openspades effects look amazing


Great ! I Love it !! :smiley:

I’ve found a rather small bug with the new script. If you join the server and the map changes before you join a team, the babel platform will be invisible for you on the next map. I am pretty sure you can shoot players who are in the middle of the heaven from the ground this way.

@LostMotel: Your video has the wrong name.

As everyone knows, Danko’s scripting skills are infallible, so I just went ahead and assumed it must be ei8thx’s fault again :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. Just found this. And no, wasn’t me lol.

EDIT: again? wut?

lol I don’t, dw.