New Australia servers, Europe servers, and “smashoff” server

recently we put up some AoS servers in Australia and Europe. big thanks to topo for providing the resources in Australia and rakiru for providing the resources in Europe.


Europe (France)

we also have a new server running the smashoff game mode by Dr.Morphman. in this game mode, causing damage to enemies physically pushes them away from you. the more damage you cause, the farther back they will be pushed. the goal? to smash them off the edge of the map to their death! :smiley:

play at smashoff @ aos://1379434439:54887:0.75


Can’t you just make a little hole for yourself to go in so that you won’t be pushed anywhere?

I think you might be trapped in blocks if you do that :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice new servers, thanks!

australian servers?! looks like i better start playing again.

duh, that’s like, soooooooo Alex!