New AoS servers for new scripted game modes: irpg, arena, and ffa

since the release of Ace of Spades 0.75 the number of servers we host has doubled to a total of ten, three of which are new scripted game modes that you absolutely must try:

  • Intel RPG “irpg” by Danke combines role-playing elements with Capture The Flag. pick up the intel to get a special power then take it to your team’s command post to keep that power until the end of the round. repeat that process to level up each power and acquire other powers. very fun and addicting! ;D to play join aos://763413447:34887 or look for “aloha intel rpg” on the official play page. while in the game type /power to list available powers, /powerpref # to set your power of choice to be leveled up, and /current to see what powers you already have. the powers are:

[li]Armor: take less damage from body-shots and grenades

  • Deadly Dice: a chance to instantly kill any enemy you hit

  • Good Teammate: heal nearby teammates by killing enemies

  • Teleportation: throw nades or shoot blocks with your guns to instantly transport around the map

  • Regeneration: receive health every second

  • Poison Bullets: deal damage to enemies every second after your bullets hit them

  • Arena by Yourself is a one-life-per-round team survival and elimination mode in which the last team standing wins the round. when you die you can only spectate your team until everyone on either team dies. maps are small and each round usually lasts 2 minutes or so. it’s somewhat similar to Counter-Strike and Search and Destroy. makes for some intense battles! play at aos://713081799:37000 or look for “aloha last team standing” on the official play page.

  • Free For All “ffa” by Yourself is all about killing anyone and everyone! see another player? attack him! play at aos://729859015:37777 or look for “aloha free for all” on the official play page.

I haven’t played Intel RPG yet, but I will soon, and by the sound of it, it sounds awesome! Arena is a great server, I would 100% recommend you try it out. Same with FFA, it’s a popular idea but we needed someone as epic of a scripter as Yourself to make it work. Good job guys!


umm… i dont like about the power’s is the whenever you got 25 intels all ur powers are back to 0 why not just let the people have their power’s still yea? ;D

even though when it’s back to 0 still let the people have their powers still

1 question, did you set the “max_connections_per_ip” to 1, Because My brothers and I can’t play at the same time. If not then What error could it be. also, If it is set to 1 connect per ip, could you please set it to 3? please :smiley:

i thought it was supposed to be that way, i didn’t realize they reset after you get all. i asked Danke about it.

on the arena server, yes. the reason for that is to prevent ghosting, i.e. using other clients to see where players are. that would ruin arena.

I see now, No wonder, but Still I am unable to join hallway pinpoint ect. when one of my brothers are on.

Please, where do you install irpg mode ? because i’ve download pyspades but there isn’t irpg mode :’(

it’s available here