New aloha forum!!!!!

Guys I made a new aloha forum although the topic is not only aloha BUT the mc discussion I am the admin of it the link is MC aloha server discussion - Index k? First ppl to join get higher ranks sign up today :smiley:

Why. The. Fuck. You. Do. This?
Congratulations on wasting your time though.

But… this forum… is… quite good. ??? I am beyond confusion…

This forum is good, dont try to stand out your just making shame of yourself no need to make another forum.

If aloha was licensed, this would’ve violated the copyright rules. Lol.

Nice forum King although Aloha already has a Minecraft section

I’m sure Aloha appreciates your enthusiasm and support.

On a professional note, I’d leave the forum making and claiming of Aloha’s name up to the Aloha staff. Providing input and helping out the community is one of the best things you can do, so don’t feel discouraged about giving them info or ideas. Who knows maybe you’ll end up as an admin on the real Aloha forums. Good luck King. :smiley:

Dude I made a NEW forum because that one is only about MC don’t post if your discouraging me so quit it. FF don’t have to join XD ik this is a good forum and this is not a © its only that I made a forum ONLY ABOUT MC servers + I am the forum admin and server moderator of MC not the admin aloha.Pk AoS admins are actual admins their done period answered your question XD I am not a copyrighted.

I don’t think that you understand that you can’t make an aloha server

This forum has a minecraft subforum


I like this forum :o Also, nice forum but as others said this forum already has a minecraft section, and I do not think anyone would trust you as an admin.

Hey I found this new forum for Ace of Spades, I think you’ll feel really at home there. A lot of people you probably know are already signed up:

Why, such a novel idea!


Alright well someone delete my stupid thread well that’s what you all think that posted… :-X