New 1v1 Gamemode and Map!

Brand New 1v1 Gamemode!!!

A brand new gamemode, map, and server are now available to play on!

Here are some amazing pictures of the map- which include new versions of pinpoint, nuketown, avseafort, and fy_pool_day!

This gamemode allows you to /join a sector, /invite your opponent, and /start your 1v1 without any interruptions! Scoring is automatically tracked, and match results will be posted to #1v1-results in the aloha Discord! ← Great evidence for gloating rights!

Type /commands or /c ingame to learn how to play!
Special thanks to MoDeR and Darion for helping to create the incredible maps!

Join now and have fun!!! → aos://2791176354:22887

i love that white/color style of the maps.