Net neutrality needs YOU!

so backwards to the point that we need to defend net neutrality AGAIN.

net neutrality prevents internet providers from controlling and charging for what we see and do online. without it, the internet would become divided into subscription-based packages similar to cable TV, and whatever access you’re fortunate enough to afford would still be isolated from the whole internet.

defending net neutrality is common sense; it’s defending the open modern internet the world has been using for nearly two decades. even if you’re not in the USA, losing net neutrality there would have a huge negative effect on the internet as you know it.

if you are an American, please encourage Congress to stop the FCC from killing net neutrality. (thanks BR for the link) makes it super easy to email and call important decision makers – a script is even provided for your email that you can also use to read aloud during your calls. press * after finishing each call to move on to the next. thanks! :slight_smile:


Thanks bro, interesting have not heard of this. My hypothesis is that this will just allow the dark web to grow. If they are going to treat us like communist countries who limit access not for profit but to keep the people in the dark, anonymity will be on the rise. This will be the way to circumvent the control. I wish this does not occur if it does take your stand against this.

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This is a nightmare and we are losing. I’ve done my part, called and emailed, told family/friends, etc. This is something we are all in together so really, please do what you can. You think we make progress on such things and then some shit like this stirs the pot once again. Fight for the free internet.