Please join my new clan NEON. Have fun!

HA! beat Reki and josh to it!

This isn’t a competition. There were lots of other posts advertising there clan.

Unless Aloha has changed, they don’t allow clan advertisements on there fourms, or in games, unless first asked. Or something like that.

Meaning why should there be a meme competition?

Its fun.

You do realize that nobody’s actually competing right?

I believe advertising on the forums here is tolerated, but I think you won’t be getting any members here. Best of luck, anyways.

Don’t advertise in-game, however.

I know no ones competing, but you do it, josh does it, I do it, so I just felt like saying that I beat you to it, since you do it.

I made ~2 as a joke, and one of them was an implicit request…
Then you guys came along and I don’t even know what happened.

Kinda like a train wreck.

Reki always overkills it, so now it’s a overoveroverkill.