Hello everyone. There is a Server by Ahola, it is called “aloha CTF hallway”.
When I join a map, i usually assume there are squads. But, there is none. That just ruins the “teamwork” part of Ace of Spades. So, Admins, if you are reading this, PLEASE ADD SQUADS TO “aloha CTF hallway”!!! :smiley:

many people play aloha because it doesn’t have squads, myself included. it’s kind of buggy anyway (spawning into blocks) because it’s not officially supported by the client. the 24/7 hallway server is very popular the way it is so i’m hesitant to changing anything. don’t fix what ain’t broke, right?

the idea of squads is good and bad at the same time. the good thing is that you dont have to walk all the way through to the end of the hallway if you have friends there already because you can spawn with them or if you are spawn camping and die, you respawn up to the same place with friends. The bad thing is though that with squads, like you said izzy, you can spawn into blocks which can be really boring waiting for someone to dig you out or suiciding. Also, it would be a lot more competitive and harder to play. So there are both good and bad reasons to having squads. Anyway, we choose to be in squads or not, if we get bored we can just go out of the squad.

Just my 2 cents here.
I frequent aloha, but on occasion I also check out jest, which indeed has squads.

It. Is. A. Nightmare.

A very common tactic involves one guy hiding somewhere in an enemy base, and using himself as a spawnpoint for other people in his squad.
By simply restricting himself to a 1x2x1 space underground/hidden in some structure, people will spawn around him in open area.
This means the team can pretty much have an easy pass into enemy territories, bypassing the frontlines-element of the game entirely.

In fact, I find myself functioning much better without squads than with (I make my own squad).

2 problems with squads, block spawning and spawn camping.

Both are ugly.

Squads ruin and defeat the realism of war in Ace of Spades. If you’re in war in real life, you won’t be in a squad and you won’t respawn on them everytime you die. Then again, you don’t ever spawn in real war. But Izzy has a point. Many people play on the Aloha server’s mainly because they don’t have squads and they keep the realism of war in Ace of Spades.