Need new statistics

Warning: my english is bad.

Spades - also called "build and shoot." I would also add “destroy” there. But in statistics, only the shooting aspect is taken into account. Building and demolition are not considered at all, as if it were some kind of CS.
Moreover, kill rating humiliates all builders. Because a builder with a kill rating of about 1 is a super-mega builder who also manages to shoot. The usual life cycle of a builder: spawn, set blocks, died. Rare lucky people manage to return to the tent for cubes.

What do I suggest? Add statistics for “blocks delivered” and “blocks destroyed”.
Destroyed blocks must be separately considered for the regions of destruction. Because to demolish something on neutral territory is much easier than on the territory of the enemy’s tower. Accordingly, it is necessary to introduce different factors. Or do not count blocks in neutral territory at all.
As a result, it will even be possible to build something like this (look at the end).

But this is simply, obviously, and has drawbacks - the deaths of different ratings are not shared. But even so it is better than now.

And what could be the ideal statistics?
In fact, this is not so difficult - it is necessary to fix what the player holds in his hands at the time of death and in which region he is at the time of death and murder. And then amazing prospects open up for us - we can not only calculate the exact rating of construction, destruction and killings, but also introduce a new feature - the calculation of the rating by roles.
What roles? And look.
Put the blocks, and the death of the player with the block in his hands on the territory of his tower - we write in the rating “builder”.
Destroyed blocks and the player’s death in the sector of the enemy’s tower are recorded in the “destroyer” rating.
Killed players on the territory of the enemy’s tower, if you are on your side of the map, we record in the “sniper” rating.
If both you and the enemy are in neutral territory, we write down the “attack aircraft” in the rating.
Kill opponents and death on the territory of its tower are recorded in the rating "defender of the tower."
You can also come up with any funny "melee", "grenadier", and even something very specific, for example, the construction and destruction of blocks in neutral territory - the role of "landscape designer". )))

And then your statistics may look like this.
Builder: 12
Defender: 0.8
Attack aircraft: 1.3
Destroyer: 7
Sniper: 23.5
And immediately the game style is visible, right? )))

Your opinion?

Unnecessary since there aren’t things as “classes” in-game, there never will, such as Builder, Defender or Destroyer, it would mainly just do a mess with scores and people would mostly not get it or use it how it should be, just as the Babel Classes gamemode that Sauerkraut used to host.

Well I say “this is ideal”, but in practice I would like to at least take into account the delivered and destroyed blocks.
Because I often build, and my killraiting is very low.
Since, if you show all delivered blocks in the statistics, then there will be cosmic figures, then you can show this number divided by 50. That is, how many full reserves of blocks the player put.

Good Idea

u can look up statistics such as blocks placed and destroyed here

just replace VierEck with ur own account name.