Need a second Tower of Babel server!

The only game mode that matters needs a second server! Please bring up a second Babel server! :-*

but with MuffinTastic mine-script enabled for test purposes :slight_smile:

edit:Spelling is difficult

what is this minescript you speak of

plus this idea is making me cum

not enough players and will make people confused

Mines: see

The script is currently active on [N-S] Littlest Pirate server, where I have used it with great effect (whenever babel is too full to take me).

By the way: nothing confusing about aloha “babel server 1” and “babel server 2”, unless player IQ is single digit, in which case the player will be aimbotting anyhow.

Not enough players!? Anytime I try to play, it’s always a fight for that 32nd spot! I’m pretty sure we’ve needed a second Babel for over 5 years at least. :-*

Mines in Babel, that’s all I need… tunnel, tunnel, tunnel, die. I guess that’s about how it usually goes anyway. Lol. Sounds cool though.

And yes Babel 1 and 2. Others have Babel servers but none like I don’t play others while I wait, my mini games is refresh, connect. :smiley:

IDK if we need a second Babel server. Even though we can fill up 1, I highly doubt that second server will see more than 10 players on average, if the other server is full. This is since the game barely has 75 players online on average. Maybe it could encourage more players to stay on and play their favorite game though, who knows. Although, I do not see how we would need a second Aloha server.

I regularily see the babel server being full on european evening time.
Rather than going to a different server, I wait and try to log in later.
Some times I do not log in at all.
Assuming that I am not the only one showing this behaviour, I think we might be able to get more players by having a second Babel server.
Also: this second server would allow for script testing like mines and similar.
Just call it “Aloha babel 2 Experimental”. People joining would expect the occasional hickup.