nea map: old fort

Just uploaded my newest map :slight_smile:


Hope you guys like it. should be lots of action, the center is really narrow like pinpoint.
It only goes 3 blocks deep in the center too, so no endless pit traps in the heart of the game.

Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

cool will be hosting this one

Awesome! Looks like people are enjoying themselves :slight_smile: server is almost full.

Can we have Pyspades roll back the server every 5 rounds? It seems like the map gets chewed up after a couple of hours.

really nice to be able to test, thanks izzy :slight_smile:

Will try to have my next map ready by tonight :slight_smile:

haven’t decided if i like this or forks better yet

lately we’ve been using our only pyspades server to test Triplefox’s tc mode, but i ordered a dedi yesterday just for AoS so when it’s ready we’ll be able to run more pyspades servers and host your maps with auto rollback again :smiley:

Awesome! thanks so much!

I got 16$ on my debit card if you want some help with some slots.

Later next week sometime I should get paid from my last project, i can offer more then.
I was going to get a dedi last week, but ended up blowing money on art software.
i don’t have much Admin experience anyway. i can only play for about an hour at a time before I go and do other projects.

Hard for me to watch IRC all the time too. When i am on a roll ,i ignore everything else in time ,reality, and space.