Name Trollers

These are the guys that steal your name, or base it around yours and make try to make you look like a fool.
Evidence is not needed but would be better. c:

my brother had this on a flash game called platform racing 2, a guy duped his account name and started breaking the rules and stuff. Eventually a moderator came along and banned my brother, the dupe guy got away with it.

trusted users and admins can vouch for antijerk iirc. that means that people using a certain name that is protected will get banned (30 minutes) if they speak before authing. i have my name CraftDinur antijerk’ed but that doesn’t stop people from stealing your aliases or variations of your name ie. dinursaur, kraftdinner, DinurSmellsLikePoop.

source: i sometimes pretend i’m SeaNanners or PewDiePie

Check this out.

Who the hell is “CrazyPug6”?

As you see theres a lot of crazy pugs in AoS (maybe even 6) ;D
I guess its him: Ace of Spades Forums • Login

No, CrazyPug37 is me.