/n for Votekicks

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/n to vote for a votekick to be canceled.

The votekick system, a measurement against cheaters, can ironically be used by cheaters to their advantage by votekicking an innocent player first thus preventing anyone else from instigating another votekick on them while the false votekick is ongoing.

give power to the ppl, the ability to democratically decide wether a votekick should be canceled. So they dont have to endure any longer for a votekick to timeout or an innocent player to get kicked.

i dont know anything about scripting but i think its still good to at least throw that idea in.

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Agreed, I’ve seen it happen many times when cheaters create a false votekick on some innocent player.

A counter-kick option would stop cheaters from calling a votekick to stop them getting kicked - abusers can easily be counterkicked by enough legitimate players using the command /n.

However, getting people to even vote in the first place is a pain. Lower the percentage to remedy this and cheaters will abuse it - keep it at its current state and cheaters will probably never get kicked.

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