My YouTube Channel

Hey guys, Spring here. This is just a little thread introducing my youtube channel, 21stAoS, where I record ace of spades gameplay, usually with Monstercatmedia (electronic) music in the background. I recommend you check it out, especially my most recent video, which I’ll post here. (It’s quite interesting, really.)

If you’d like to record with me, perhaps do a dual video or anything of the sort, shoot me a pm and hopefully we can work something out and have a whole lot of fun.

Have a nice day everyone. :slight_smile:

Nice vid, but I just wanted to ask… How the hell do you manage to keep your sanity with a 2 hour upload? I would go crazy with the amount of lag trying to play with the upload going on in the background. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, lol. You just removed the video. xD

Chappy the video is still there on my channel, just not embedded.

I kept my sanity via a number of things. Doing the Minit 1v1 tournament, pubstomping with Kodiak, pubstomping with komrades, eating food, among other things. I was definitely lagging more, but not to a point of unbearableness.

I wish I could aim.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, my parents vehemently oppose my wasting money on a microphone that I will use solely for gaming purposes, along with any and all posting of my voice on the internet. I apologize to all of you who pm’ed me or queried me on the IRC eagerly wanting to do a dual commentary with me. However, I am still fully willing to record and play with you. Perhaps we could both record two perspectives of the same game, either demolishing a public server or having a 1 versus 1 match. Again, Hopefully, a lot of fun times will still come out of this regardless.

Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, same here. I just use Mumble on the iPhone, so it’s a free app and you get to use the headphones that already came with them.