My youtube channel

Hey all!

I got a youtube channel for Ace of Spades/minecraft/TDP4 gameplay videos.

I am starting a new series of videos about Aloha iRPG builds (but I can’t start until the iRPG server is back on :()


just watched the arena vid :slight_smile:

i’ll try to get irpg back up later tonight when i have a chance to sit down and test it with the latest updates. i’m guessing you’re already planning this but in your irpg vid you should go over all the builds (not only your favorites) so people understand the mode better.

I was planning on going over everything. Just to lengthen out the series to get more views and subs lol :slight_smile:

You still waiting on your 9000th view on arena! Bucket head has got mojo!

Still waiting for over 9000 views…