My YouTube Channel (Shameless self promotion)

Hi guys.

Now that we all know the Jagex version of Ace of Spades isn’t really all that good, I felt like doing some commentaries to help promote the Voxlap version of Ace of Spades so I brought out fraps and started recording some footage on my crappy PC. As of now just recorded this earlier today. Tell me what you guys think and all and how I can improve to make it more entertaining for you guys to watch. I’ve got probably 2 more gameplays along with this one if you guys like it.

i know i’m a bit of an immature dude lol. i’m also not as good as Colorpinpoint at this game. if you guys wanna check me out or subscribe or something you can do that at CraftDinur - YouTube

I like the vid :slight_smile: Also, how do you type so fast? :stuck_out_tongue:

14 years of piano. Plus I’m Asian :wink:


I also (used to) do AoS videos, check out my channel on youtube, TheBigJimmeh
feel free to take one of those if you want to, as long as you say who it was from,