My Alohacraft S1 screenshots

Oct 19th 2020. Planning to do a supermassive base, did a smaller base instead.

January 8th 2021. Building the first schematic of what could be my base. Ended up discarded.

January 11th 2021. Finished building The Hulk Machine™. The first ever end base done in alohacraft. The previous guardian farm became obsolete after this. XP pass costed 28 diamonds and had funny quotes on each.

January 30th 2021. Finished the schematic of my definitive base.

February 16th 2021. Build progress

February 17th 2021. My sword (very dangerous, do not touchey)

February 19 2021. Build progress. The floor is almost done

February 24th 2021.

The great zombie pigman rebellion. Brave warriors, it’s a shame all of them died by my sword… :smiling_imp:

The weapon that caused the fear of thousands of piglins. Lost in combat.

Ah, yes… how i would never forget my precious nether trophy place.

i miss the mobhead datapack

Addeed an end pearl exctractor system to the end farm. Much more baseder than the current neutrino’s end farm (ugly, very cringe, no end pear thrower on it)

March 1st 2021. Allowed a zombie pigman warrior to hold the most powerful weapon he has ever met as last wish. The only pigman that has ever touched death itself.

And that’s it.

spoiler: the piglin war might be back in season 2, this time i no longer have the armor nor the weapons that anhilitated hundreds of piglins. May this be the end of my reign of terror?

wow that looks incredible