Musket Mod

Hello guys. Here i want to introduce my old-times mod. This mod will change rifles on antique muskets, intels on chests, and so on. I’m still working on it and as a result, almost all models are updated. My next aim is making proper sounds and graphics…

v 0.2

[]Command Post - flag
]New bomb icon
[*]New reload/shoot sounds for all firearms and fuse/explosion sound for bomb

v 0.1

[]Player → Pirate
]Intel → Chest
[]Grenade - > Bomb
]Rifle → Musket
[]Shotgun → Blunderbuss
]Smg - > Some kind of gatling, mitrailleuse, or like that
[]New ironsights
]New splash

Weapon poster (click for full-size)

Remainder pics can be found here -

[]This one will give me little money :slight_smile: -
]And this one will not :frowning: - Musket_Mod_v0.2

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Comment and suggest, please :slight_smile:

nice! i like oldie weapons like these, i’ll be trying them out. thanks for posting!

Hey nait :slight_smile: Nice to see you here, and i enjoyed playing with this skins (i’m still using it sometimes)
I made a little video few month ago if anyone wants to see how the mod is (sound, etc…)
(Link for the video)
One of my favorite mod

I don’t really use skins and mods, but I appreciate the effort…I’ll click on the adfly link anyways, I guess.

good vid Sil, makes me want to play on a ship battle map

Kinda reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean.

AEM, where did you get that cool IP sig? O.o

Oh, if you look at the bottom of the sign, it says

EDIT: Removed it because I like the meme better. :stuck_out_tongue: