Mumble server just for us

below is our Mumble server info:

port: 36025
location: Fremont, California, USA
slots: 10 (will increase as needed)

feel free to use it for any reason!

Mumble is an open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software. get it at

I dont think it works anymore.

It’d be nice to use this for “admining” n such. Having the chat scroll down isn’t the best source. Hope it works.

i took it down because it was barely used during the past year while it was up

seems unnecessary right now but we can always put it back up if there’s enough demand

Well, the Minit mumble has a ‘server’ section which includes aloha. I don’t think a mumble server dedicated to aloha would be very active.

I don’t have a headset so I can’t use it sorry. :’(

Ahhh ok! well I will take a gander at the minit aloha that Tank suggested. Your probably right about that izzy, not the demand and such.