MuffinTastic's Aiming Practice Server!

All credit goes to MuffinTastic, he showed me this and he’s developed it incredibly quickly. Basically, it’s a map of pinpoint with the red team filled with bots. (You join the blue team!)

Paste this into your browser to join: aos://323695688:27105

MuffinTastic is working on AI. Currently, the bots can evade (crouch, jump-crouch or sprint), and will aim at the player closest to the bot them. You can dodge their bullets or build walls to hide behind (if you’re a coward); or if you’re really scared of being shot in a video-game, you can toggle the weaponry of the AI off with /botdamage [or /bd] or make friends by holding a pink block out.

The server may go down from time to time because it’s being hosted locally by Muffin.


09/30/2015: Muffin has now developed evasion AI! If a bot is targeting you and you aim at it, it will move away from your cursor!
09/30/2015: Muffin has furthered the evasion AI. Now if shot at with a rifle, the bots will starting crouching [and un-crouching], making it much harder to track after a miss!
09/30/2015: A separate AI for SMGers has been implemented, if shot at with an SMG bots will now sprint away from you. Rifle is still set to crouching.
09/30/2015: Type '/botdamage' in chat to take damage from the bots! Sadly, you can get shot through blocks and even from more than 128 blocks away. :(
10/01/2015: /botdamage (or /bd) toggle has been fixed.
10/01/2015: Bullets are now simulated for bots, you can now evade their bullets. (Bullets also collide with walls, so no more wallhax!)
10/01/2015: Holding a pink block (middle-left on bottom row) makes bots targetting you friendly. ;D
10/01/2015: Shooting beyond fog-range has been fixed for bots.
10/01/2015: Bots now choose between jump-crouching and regular crouching for Rifle / Shotgun randomly.

Lmao these nerds behave just like the Muffin himself.

This is probably exactly like playing against old Hawkan

I suck, I gotta try this.

They don’t crouch nearly enough
take niaska and divide the crouch rate by like 3

just to clarify, this is not being hosted inside my own house. it’s hosted on a dedicated server in a colo in Fremont, CA

Muffin: The bottom axis should be labeled “task repetitions”, rather than “task size”

Muffin put out a large update, check it out. :slight_smile:

Succulent script and server Muffin The negga. :-*

I wish always to play… :-[