Monthly Contest Monthly Kill Contest!

Way To Go Good Job GIF by Dirty Bandits

The results are in! Congrats DuckWorm for winning the July prize! ← Click Here

Do you think you have a knack for killing Deuces? If so, we’ve got good news!

Starting this month, there will be a reward (one of them pictured above) for the player who has the most kills at the end of each month!

An staff member will contact the winner via PM to obtain their address in order to mail the reward to them- free of charge!

A few rules to keep in mind-
– To track and count your kills, you must /login ingame
– You may only win once every 3 months. We want to give other people a chance to win.
– We will not tolerate any form of cheating. If you get caught, appropriate action will be taken and you will never have a chance to win the reward.

Lastly, we want to thank communist for sponsoring this event. He’s used his own funds to custom create these awesome rewards and to also pay for the shipping. Please give him a big, big thanks if you see him around!


Id find it intresting if you post a list who did how much kills at the end of the month and put the names higher on the list the more kills they did like its own little leaderboard.

That’s the plan!

is there any place where we can see the leaderboard of the contest? if not, what about making one?

Pretty sure one is being made

today is the day

The results are in!!!

Congrats DuckWorm! You have won the July prize with a whopping 9270 kills! Impressive!

It was very close for the first place prize, so I can’t wait to see how close it is in August. Thanks to everyone who participated!

DuckWorm be flexind da aloha backpack