Monthly Contest - August - Most Intel Caps


[b][shadow=black,left] Monthly Contest[/shadow]

← Win this backpack!

July Results: Congrats to DuckWorm for getting 9,270 kills in July and winning the prize! Very impressive! ← Click Here

The August results are in!!! ← Click Here

For August, the focus will be on who can get the MOST intel captures!

The player who has the most intel captures at the end of this month will be rewarded with a custom backpack! (pictured above)

An staff member will contact the winner via PM to obtain their address in order to mail the reward to them- free of charge!

A few rules to keep in mind-
– To track and count your intel caps, you must /login ingame
– You may only win once every 3 months. We want to give other people a chance to win.
– We will not tolerate any form of cheating. If you get caught, appropriate action will be taken and you will never have a chance to win the reward.

Lastly, we want to thank communist for sponsoring this event. He’s used his own funds to custom create these awesome rewards and to also pay for the shipping. Please give him a big, big thanks if you see him around!


if i may ask is it always going to be a backpack or will the prizes vary?

couldnt i just technically join empty pinpoint and farm intels like this? is that considered cheating?

The prizes will vary! I believe there will be something different next month!

That is considered cheating. We’ll be closely watching for that and have ways of checking if intel caps took place on an empty server.

another question. so if im not alone on pinpoint , but my enemys are just building at their spawn, does it still count? idk them or anything they just decided to peacefully build.

I’d consider that to be an empty server- avoid capping in those situations if possible.

another question.

so at what time are you starting and ending counting the kills/intel captures? And in which timezone is that based on? it was a bit confusing for me the last time since the month ended earlier in europe than in the us.

today is da day

The results are in!!!

Congrats VierEck! You have won the August prize with an incredible 981 intel caps!

Thanks to everyone who participated! Make sure to keep your eyes open for the September contest!

bruh microwave with 20.408 kills in only this month.