IRC Channel: QuakeNet Web IRC (qwebirc)

I have rescripted MonstaBot into java, and I do have to say, it’s a lot more improved than the old MonstaBot was. This is the page for suggestions. I’ll take suggestions for more servers to be added to the !status list. I will also take suggestions for more commands to be added as well.

Current commands: !commands, !banned, !report, !status
Emergency commands: !check, !leaderboard

Check usage: !check server #id
Status usage: !status server
Leaderboard usage: !leaderboard username

All servers are the same for both !status and !check. Here are the server names:

pinpoint, 4teams, allmaps, csmaps, arena10, babel, blockpower, build, ctf, classicgen, digdug, ffa, mini, soccer, fortwars,global, infil, irpg, koth, push, hallway, smashoff, stand, tdm, faceoff, tennis, tow, zombies

Emergency/backup commands are toggled when they’re needed. Right now, !check is in the emergency commands, but !stats will be added too. The people below are currently on the hostname whitelist and can toggle emergency commands.

Me, BR, ei8htx, Danko, HackBot, CapRex, Colorpinpoint, Ferrarri, izzy, SnIpEr

Fire some suggestions at me! I’d like to make this bot practical. The main channel is #mbtest

Make a !learn that sends you to this link. B) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random

Could you either remove the on-join message or make it only send once per user?

I made AcethekingBot too, and that has pretty similar commands except it has no fun commands.

We already know ace…it’s not useful

I’m removing it when I update it later today

Eh…not really useful

It actually is
Do !highlight to notify all guards/admins. Do !check <playerid#>. Forums: Aloha.pk. Hope that helps :).
You should change it to !help.
<Acetheking|Away>I changed it.
I know just checking if you removed it
Do !highlight to notify all guards/admins. Do !check <playerid#>. Forums: Aloha.pk. Hope that helps :).

It actually is, I added a few more commands. It doesn’t have status though.

Having several bots with the same commands is very frustrating. I’m not insulting your coding, it’s just that ^MonstaBot^ is a utilitybot for aloha. Your bot has several er…interesting commands.

On another note, I added !status.top10, and !status.hw. I also removed the welcome notification (as requested by BR)

;_; Ok… By the way if you don’t like it just block it or ignore it. By the way nice banner

Added a new fun trigger called &pokerdice

Ever play dice poker?? Pretty much the same combos except there’s no suit.

Scoring in dice poker
High die: A, K, Q, 9, 10
Pair: A, K, K, Q, 10
2 Pair: A, Q, J, J, J
3 of a kind: A, Q, 10, 10, 10
Straight: 9, 10, J, Q, K
Full house: J, J, J, 10, 10
Four of a kind: J, J, J, J, K
Five of a kind: J, J, J, J, J

utility bot
fun triggers

why are you complaining that ace’s bot has ‘interesting’ triggers when half of yours are fun triggers

Monstarules: <@Danke> No more non-staff bots for the time being

Haha looks like I brought you down with me

Why is this a good thing?

The ban on bots is for the time being until staff can come together to make a decision.
I suggest you stop acting like a troll before I get staff together to make a decision on whether you should be allowed in the channel.

3 fun triggers, 11 ones that are utility, but there is a temporary ban anyways on the bots.

Oh god!
Ace will now be quiet and not be a troll

Oh, but this is?

Wikipedia has that and more. And how is educating yourself not useful? You wouldn’t even know what I was saying through this text without an education. You can say, “no, because I don’t want to, I don’t like the idea, or because I’m lazy,” but saying Wikipedia isn’t useful or a link to it for newbies isn’t useful is straight up ignorance or haughtiness.

Well Torch, the fun commands are just me testing the limits on the bot. I might add a !learn trigger, it’s extremely easy.

I could add that to my boy if you’d like, however I do not see any need, again, anything for a friend ^^ ! Edit: monsta is right, it is, on *:TEXT: !learn:#: { msg $chan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random }

actually my bot is in java.

else if(message.equalsIgnoreCase("&learn")) {
sendMessage(channel, “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random”);

added it just for you, Torch

Oh right, forgot. But you know how to code it in remote right, not in Java?