Mods Allowed On MC Servers?

I’m already using Optifine (I highly doubt anyone would have a problem with that)

But, I really love the “Better Sprinting Mod”. It basically lets you toggle sprint instead of having to press the sprint key every time you want to run.
Is this allowed? Just like hotkeys on aos, I figured it’s better to be safe and ask than to use it and someone scream hacks at me lol.

iirc, if u press ctrl it toggle the run, so u dont need to keep pressing when running, just once. On topic, no idea, but i guess its not a problem

It doesn’t toggle for me, but I’ll just get the mod then since it’s not a problem. :slight_smile:

As long as it does not give you an unfair advantage its ok, eg no entity radar

Some PVP servers ban it, because it makes it slightly easier to PVP and Parkour if you’re not good at sprinting, but your server isn’t really PVP based anyways.

Yeah that mod is fine!

Am I aloud to use these two mods?
Look on the third page, and look at the mod that says “Minepainter” and the other that says “Secret rooms mod”. So is it OK if I use them please?
EDIT: Go to page 14 and check out “Animated Player Mod” I wish to get that as well!

I’m pretty sure (at least my interpretation of this situation) as long as you aren’t given any unfair advantage (example Xray and Pvp mods) then it is allowed. The mods you mention I’m fairly certain will only effect how you see yourself (maybe others).

The secret rooms mod shouldn’t work on the server.

It appears that ‘forge mods’ crash for me. RIP even though I use forge.
I got a new resource pack if anyone wants to download it too, Vitalithy Faith. But the v2.0 is a secret download I’m not aloud to give anyone the download sorry!
The only difference is the PvP Items.