Modify Message tool for the Workshop

So, recently i got into Modding in OpenSpades. Started last weekend and something has been bugging me. As a Modder, I like to show my Work on the Front page of a thread presenting the mod so ppl don’t need to scroll down countless amount of pages to find them.
When you work on project, stuff might not be always 100% done and i kinda just want to add them on the first page so all the information is regroupped and in a logical order.
Like this thread I started yesterday.

So it was done but, in a thread i made before, <— This one
I posted a bunch of times to eiter ask questions on if this looks good or not and bla bla bla.
Also notice how in that thread, I tried to change the title to Twodayudie’s Mod Collection.
The reason for that is that i didn’t wanted to flood the Workshop with a bunch of 1 picture Mod/skin threads. I think it would have been a little bit Overkill and quite a spam.

My request.
I want the Modify Message for the Workshop section of the forum (if that’s possible) to avoid making ppl scroll countless amount of pages to find the information needed when they are looking for a mod.

(Sorry i didn’t know where to put this thread .-.)

How about making every OP editable (if possible)? Might be a problem for the Ban Appeal section, though.

The modify function is now only available for 15m after the post due to people abusing this function.

We kinda figured that out on our own. That’s not the question at hand. What could be abused in the workshop area of the forums?

try again, twodayudie

you too, israelleelll

Thank you!

Thank you, izzy!