I know what guards can and can’t do and I’m pretty sure I know what admins can do, but I don’t know much about mods. Can someone tell me what they’re meant for?

guards are like a trial for admin. getting guardship is like getting your feet wet and we look at what kinda of a person you are before giving you any heavy duty tools. moderators are like taking off the training wheels a bit and seeing what you do when you have a little more power. it’s a big jump for someone to go directly from guard to admin so we want to give you a little bit of power before we give you the whole schpiel of commands and have you go crazy. it’s like the final test to see if you’re a good enough candidate to be an admin.

Ok, thanks :slight_smile:

Personally I don’t aspire to be an admin, mod would fit me fine. Of course my chances of ever becoming a guard are rather low. Seeing as I barely play AoS anymore.

I don’t play that much either, yet after a month of almost no activity, I happened to glance on here, and I had guard status, O.o

I haven’t been playing since we switched over to the B&S server list. I can’t play Pinpoint with 5 people on and 4 of them AFK. Plus we got 11" of snow and a lot of homework. Ugh, life.

Babel’s got people. It took a little while the first day, but now the server is often full.

You don’t get christmas break?

You have Christmas break right now? My last day of school before Christmas break is the supposed end of the world (the 21st) :wink:

They give us over 4 freaking weeks. Dec 7 to Jan 7.

I’d much rather them take one away and give us another for spring break, which currently is only 1 (and yet they still toss us out our dorms).

We don’t get winter break for another week. It lasts until January 4th I think or something I don’t know who cares that’s in 2013 we’ll all be dead