Modding Help

I have been trying to mod my vanilla Open spades game for a while now, but everything I try doesn’t want to work. I have looked up tutorials, asked people in-game (e.g. lowObservable), and fiddled around with everything imaginable. I can download the mods perfectly, but I can’t seem to install them for some reason. In case you are wondering, I am using Open spades version .12b. If you think you can help, please do, I’m taking anything at this point.

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Here is a tip
Go to Resources on your folder of OS
choose one of the pak files ANY OR EM and open them
you will see an error kind of
choose open with other programs
choose WinRAR and boom fucking done
there are 3 main folders on baseskin.pak
Models,Sounds and Scripts.
but before you mod make a copy of the pak files you will use to mod.
open the mod you have chosen zip or 7z replace the primary files to make it work.
some custom guns like sidex’s M107 and AS50 have cfg files.
type %AppData% on the menu search.Press Enter.
go to the O Section of will find put the cfg file in the folder.
it will replace the current cfg.
that is all i can say.
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Is there an error popping up within the game when you install your mods or is it something with your extractor?