Modded crew and friends server

I was thinking that we should make a modded crew and friends server for those who find vanilla minecraft too boring. Some mods that we could add are treecapitator and buildcraft. What do you guys think? Worth it?

If you’re talking about buildcraft already, then we might as well make a private FTB server lol.

It really depends on what the aloha server can spare processing power wise.

Also who is going to manage it? That more than anything will require a lot of management. It’s modded, heavily. Imagine the crashes and bugs that will appear. The lag complaints too. Plus what if someone finds an exploit, those are existent in FTB and whatnot. Can get unlimited power and whatnot.

I have an idea, instead of usign an FTB modpack lets make our own :stuck_out_tongue:
The Aloha Mod Pack
I can start us off with a few mods:
Mr.Crayfishs’ furniture

This is just an idea, not sure if it would work out. Also if you want to expand the list feel free to add more mods.