[Mod pack][0.75][Voxlap] SMG Pack #1

So today I was playing some hallway, minding my own business and building houses, when suddenly, I found a box in the middle of it. I quickly hid it away from everyone and opened it, and believe it or not, the crate had some sub-machine guns inside of it! The guns have .wav files packed as well, meaning you will get satisfying and realistic sounds. Anyway, here are the guns, take them before they are gone:

- FMG-9
An American SMG prototype, created for use by USSC and incredibly rich business men, this weapon was a rather rare find. It fires 9x19mm Parabellum bullets and makes sure that no one survives.

- KRISS Vector
Again, an American SMG known for its low recoil and fast firerate of 1200RPM, this bad boy will get the enemy before they even have a chance to at least move away. Fires 9x19mm Parabellum and/or .45 ACP.

- M1A1 Thompson
A blast from the past, this gun known mostly "as the gun that those 50's gangsters use", was used in WWII by the American troops and was highly favoured for its large .45 ACP caliber, accuracy and high RPM. Now you can experience the memories of either Chicago or WWII (depends on what you prefer) with this beauty.

Also includes a drum magazine version.*

*The drum magazine is purely cosmetic and doesn't actually increase your magazine size.

- PP-Bizon
A Russian sub-machine gun mostly disliked by CS:GO players, that is known for its enormous magazine capacity of 64 rounds.* Created by Victor Kalashnikov (the son of Mikhail Kalashnikov, the creator of AKs, RPK, and so on), this gun fires 9mm bullets and has a firerate of 650-700RPM. The Bizon is used by the Spetsnaz and law enforcement units.

*This Bizon doesn't actually have 64 rounds in its magazine, instead having a standard 30 round. Sorry for that.

- UMP-45
UMP-45 (UMP stands for Universale Maschinenpistole, which translates to "Universal Sub-Machine Gun") is a German SMG, created as a successor to an iconic MP5. The UMP was adopted not just by the German GSG9, but also United States, Egypt, Georgia, Kosovo, Lithuania, Malaysia and Philippines. It fires .45 ACP rounds, as stated in the name, and has a firerate of 600RPM.

Also includes a version with no vertical foregrip.

And last, but not least, the iconic 80's gun: the UZI. An Israeli-made gun, that fires 9mm Parabellum and has a firerate of 600RPM. Easily conceable and not too bulky, meaning that it's comfortable to use and fire.

- To-Do list

  1. Get .png sights.
  2. Add a version of UZI, but with a stock.
  3. Think of other great SMGs.
  4. Possibly make an OS version of the pack.
  5. Find some good FMG9 sounds, instead of using Unturned's audio.

Well, hope you enjoyed some information about the guns (unless you knew it already), and I hope you'll find some use out of them. See you at the battlefield.

SMG Pack #1 for Voxlap by QuickBrownFox.rar (2.33 MB)

the bizon was only liked in battlefield 2 by the russian and mec team so cs go’s other russian gun isnt shit in another game

thank you revive