[MOD][Openspades] FN-P90


I’m back again for the openspades mod its been 2 months of having working this mod (sigh School days)
(since the ace of spades forums is under maintenance so I’ll just post here hehehe :D)


  • Custom Animation
  • 2 variations (Default and Asiimov)
  • Holo sight
  • Custom sounds

Installation is on the read me file in the zip


youtube video:



about fucking time

Great mod there, now I can finally rush B properly!

problem is there is a fire rate and magazine reduction

At least it’s something, and it works.

Great work, especially with the custom animations!

Brilliant! The model itself looks great, and the custom animation is astonishing!

Hehehe thank you all ;D
PS: im actually making another mod and that is Desert eagle :slight_smile:

secretly hoping for real life gun sound for deag