Mixup Rotation on Babel

The rotation on babel has all the crappy maps play right in a row: abridgetoofar, tradeoff, TowerDive, turv, ufo, 1river2forts (obvi just my opinion, but I know others who feel the same).

I don’t think any of them are inherently bad (except ufo and turv) but having them all in a row makes it unenjoyable. The worst is abridgetoofar and tradeoff right in a row because they are so similar (bridge instead of tower) and spreading them out through the rotation would probably make them a fun change of pace on the server instead of an annoying stalemate.

Anyways, tl;dr: can you switch the rotation for babel around a little bit so that similar maps aren’t always played right in a row?

Or maybe this is done intentionally and has positives I’m not seeing…?

Stopped reading there

lol sorry please forgive my sins ;-;

I stopped reading after the title XD sorry Omni

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turv is the best babel map wtf