Minecrafters in cars getting coffee

Just an idea I was tinkering with to share some of the activity on the server from a different perspective. Group of players chatting in skype or mumble talking about literally nothing, but still enjoyable for viewing.
In other videos there would obviously be collaborative projects going on but this one was solo.



My voice too deep. o.O

Anon is no longer anon

Huh. I’ve never understood the point of talk radio, but just listening to this in the background and not fully paying attention was nice. I guess I understand now.

BR it helps that what we talked about was VERY important and INTERESTING. :wink:

thanks for sharing, entertaining listen/watch

Would it be appropriate to identify who is speaking in the video? I can’t tell who’s who by voices.

0:03 “Pinpoint’s straight in front of you.” -Pun
0:12 “You build a little wall.” -neu21
0:16 “Pinpoint’s where I developed the 2-high wall strategy.” -Froelich131
0:37 “Arena has actual strategical element to it.” -Anonymous
2:52 “All I did was remove some of that extra gravel.” -SukottoGoSen

I just happened to be absent for this video. I’m usually on skype with them too.

You went AWOL these past few days, m8

Life throws curveballs at you…and Dad…but mostly Dad.

Anonymous identified us(seems weird to type). When I uploaded it to youtube it included who all was in the video. Seems you can just play it from here with out seeing that. Next time I will include it.

I can do it if you want to just a post it. It’s not that much of a hassle to identify you guys.