Minecraft public server testing in progress!

Hey everyone we’re doing a weekend test to get some feedback on the server from all of you.

The IP is: mc.aloha.pk down temporarily while we update plugins for v1.5

Just hop on and have fun :slight_smile: If you have any problems, or if you have comments about the server, just tell us!

Just note that this is purely a test, and anything done will be removed. Stuff done during this test period is not permanent.

Also note that the server is in offline mode, so anyone can play.

Report bugs and suggestions here: Aloha PvP Test Server Bug Report

The server is geared towards hardcore PvP. Players have a chance, if they have enough cash, to build up a town that has protected land. Players can hunt other players for their cash and items too!


wow is it beautiful !!!


Im going to go on it right now!

Oh yeah!!! If you see someone on named Talldude1998, that’s me.

That’s a pretty good news to hear, finally, it is up :smiley:
I’m really impatient to test it and play on it ;D

its on minecraft ok so to connect i go multiplayer,direct connect, and type mc.aloha.pk ?

You can also just do “Add server”, enter the ip, i.e mc.aloha.pk and yeah, connect.

With “Add server” you will have the ip always on your minecraft.

Would this work on Minecraft Windows too?


Ok I managed to successfully joined in but one problem…I cant register because I have a friends account and I don’t know their email or password.

EDIT: Don’t wry I made my own account so Im good now.

FINALLY IT’S ALIVE For more than 2 months it’s alive. ;D

SuperBisquick :stuck_out_tongue:

with my minecraft 1.5 i cannot play that. i cant quite connect, the direct acess message:connection refused, connect
the add server message cant connect

Yes, Aloha is still running on 1.4.7, as Bukkit has not released a 1.5 server update yet. They eventually will update.

I cant connect, i have the same problem as Freezing Maple, but my mc version is 1.4.7

ahhhh ok so pm or put out news or rumble thing whenever 1.5 is released

well when you want to update go the the website and do the demo, then it will ask to update. My mc was stuck at 1.4.4 now i did that and 1.5, oh i love these fireworks and all this stuff

When does the server come back on?

Whenever a reccomended build of CraftBukkit is released.

FYI my minecraft name is Rrrepatiti