Minecraft not running for some reason

For some reason, Minecraft doesn’t load correctly after my latest update.
I can get to the login window, but after I hit play, all windows disappear. There are still two javaw.exe files, and if I kill them, the login window reappears.

I’ve reinstalled Java, no avail.

Wat do?

If i where you, i would go to your %appdata%, go into your .minecraft folder and delete the newest version. Then you can download it again and maybe it wont crash. Also, try a different version, like 1.6.2 or something. Does that work?

It happened to me too, Minecraft doesnt load after hit play, yet the javaw.exe process still there, all I have to do is wait a bit more, and after 1-2 mins it loads. I don’t know if its a bug, a PC problem, or version problem, but is really annoying. Try waiting more and see what happens.

Oh, there might be another reason: I play FTB Unhinged with some friends, and that has a 1.5.2 internal installation, I believe. I don’t see why it should cause problems though.

If I remember correctly, FTB should have a different launcher, different from 1.6.4, so to my understanding, it shouldn’t affect the original Minecraft. Try and see if you can get a different launcher like Magic Launcher to load Minecraft.

Waiting For Optifine 1.7.2 0^0! Try Magic launcher

try to uninstall mc and re download it