Minecraft 1.9

While I am writing this, minecraft 1.9 is being downloaded. I was just wondering when the update to the crew and friends server will be. I’m sure many of the current players are eager to start playing in the new version. Hopefully soon :slight_smile:

Hopefully soon, we have to wait for Spigot to update bukkit (https://www.spigotmc.org) which should happen relatively soon.

Looks like they are aiming for a 10:30 (i.e 20-30 minutes xD) UTC release (i assume they release spigot,bukkit together) also do we have to wait until all plugins are updated to 1.9?

spigot code released

if you want to go to left hand you go to skin customization and find “main hand” in the options.

Some plugins will work others are gona break and Fro (I will pitch in as I get time) will update them as they get updated

Fishing pays off guys :smiley: