Mind looking into this:

Earlier today i was playing push, and as part of the game, you build wall because the hardscopers are real there. Well, I was building a wall and built on the feet of a crocpuched player, well he got up and moved. I built up a step on the walls, he moved up again. You know what an “admin” or an admins friend said? I was blocking people in. I lost my block building ability until he forced me tovpromise to never never someone in again, but he had no proof of a crime that he was willing to offer and just plain out spoiled my gameplay. I would like aloha to watch their admins and better train them on the game their watch over and hoe to identify certain crimes. Oh and after he removed the disability, i spawned and got blocked in while trying to snipe. Ironic, huh?

Hi there Freezing Maple. I’m not the staff member that was on push, but I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately, there’s bound to be a few mistakes made by us once in awhile. With personal experience, I know that push can be full of players blocking eachother in, and it can get very hectic.

If a staff member makes a decision, specifically for you, that you don’t agree with; you can always quickly contact them via /admin. I’m sure talking and explaining what happened would result in a reverse of the decision.


It might also be best to report this type of incident on the aloha irc channel (#aloha) in addition to making a thread post.

Ill pull push’s logs and dig deeper into this. Admins playing favorites is a big no no (like really big) the admin would have spectated you beforehand either way ill speak to the admin when I find out who it is.

I’ve tracked down the staff member who disabled you.

I’ll look into the matter from here.

Thanks guys

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P.S. Nice to see that everything is OK. Too bad that I’m late.
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Anyways, still waiting for that staff member to return. They haven’t logged on in a while.

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While we’re in dissent, any news on Javivu’s appeal? I know he’s unbanned due to the time limit expiring, but it’s been over 48 hours since the last admin post on it… (It’s kinda holding me up on registering a team for the PP tournament)

If he’s unbanned, he’s unbanned.

It’s more like the ban expired. Not that he was unbanned… The thing is, we need you to either say he hacked or say he didn’t and apologize, because until then it puts us in an awkward position. I’m fine with waiting, but 48 hours without at least a response is kind of long.

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That’s exactly what happened. The ban expired, thus he is now unbanned.