Mid Summer Check-in

pic courtesy of @TheWhiteShadow

We’ve made it to the middle of summer, and we all know what that means… :thinking:

Kids have broken out of their prisons of learning and people are taking time from work! :tada: :raised_hands:

We’re expected to head to the beaches, go camping, or do whatever to relax and unwind :parasol_on_ground: :tent:

All of us here at aloha.pk remind you to take this time to unwind and play in the sun…or not. It’s entirely up to you; we won’t judge if you plan on spending the entire summer playing on our servers! :laughing:

Let the long hours of tedious, year-round, and mind-numbing work (:sob:) drift away while we have fun, stay relaxed, and most importantly stay hydrated :smiling_face: :heart_hands:

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